Forrest Wang’s Get Nuts Lab! Nissan S15 Drift Car


The front coilovers are custom valved Stance XR3 3 way adjustable units with new digressive pistons and Swift springs. Rare a few years ago, 3-way adjustable dampers are now the norm for pro drifting.
The front suspension is made by Wisefab who provides the lower control arm, knuckles, upper camber plate and steering rack tie rod offset spacers.  Wisefab suspension has drift specific geometry which allows close to 70 degrees of steering lock.

Wisefab has pioneered high angle drift suspension and has put these trick pieces into production.  Wisefab does not use anti sway bars for more angle clearance. Wisefab also puts all of the rod end bearings in double shear, a nice touch.

The remote reservoir for the Stance XR3 damper has adjusters for high and low speed compression damping.
The Wisefab suspension radically moves the upper strut mount outward and forward. This allows for a really wide track for tire clearance and reduces caster which has been found to cause steering sticking and weight jacking at high steering angles. The Wisefab knuckles run a lot of trail to retain self steering lost due to caster reduction. Wisefab was the first to adopt this sort of geometry.
We just had to show this trick aluminum bash bar that bolts to the chassis.  More Get Nutz Labs attention to detail.
The rear suspension links and knuckles are built by Wisefab. The knuckles lower the car while maintaining good wheel travel and maintaining a decent roll center height.  As a nice touch, the rear toesteer is adjustable by moving the toe arm rod end bearing in the oval slot in the knuckle. Wisefab has all bearings in double shear which is great.  We would be a little concerned of the lightweight construction of everything in the rough world of drifting but it looks beautiful.

Since the S15 is the last generation of Nissans venerable S chassis, you can see that the rear suspension has very little antisquat in the geometry.  Nissan reduced antisquat bit by bit over time with each S chassis generation getting less and less. Reducing antisquat has become a popular S chassis mod on the earlier cars.

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