Installing KW Clubsport Coilovers on my moms C63 AMG

Yeah so, my mom drives a C63 AMG. She recently moved to New York for a year, leaving me to “take care” of her car.  So as soon as she was safely on the east coast, I took it drifting! Drifting a 4,000 lb Mercedes with stock suspension and no e-brake is not particularly easy. The car has very snappy transitions thanks to the relatively soft suspension that it comes with. This is due to the sheer amount of energy that you have to load up into the outer wheel to get it to rotate. This problem is even more apparent when you have to transition into slower corners. Without an e-brake to scrub speed, you have to get the rotation just right to scrub speed, and it’s very difficult to be precise with the current setup on the car. Today, we are going to remedy that! So like a good son, we are going to help mom out by installing KW Clubsport 2-Way adjustable coilovers on her C63 AMG!

Welding a C63 AMG differential
Of course, I did what any good son would do and welded her diff.
C63 drifting
And then I immediately started drifting the car… heavily.

W204 C63 AMG KW Clubsports

The KW Clubsports are pretty much the best suspension on the market for a C63 AMG. KW has a proven Motorsports track record with their damper technology, participating heavily in GT3 and Touring Car racing.

KW Suspensions testing a C63 AMG on their shaker rig
KW also tests their suspension on their custom 7-post shaker rig. All of their coilovers are also TÜV certified in Germany which is one of the hardest aftermarket certifications to obtain.


  1. Mercs make for a great drifting car base, they normally have huge caster from the factory, Merc is all about that highway stability.

    But welding the diff on moms car… ouf.

  2. I truly love the idea of an automatic car with a welded diff.

    Even moreso a 204 Mercedes, those are among the last quality cars they made.

  3. I also have a 2012 C 63 bought it as a fun daily to take it to the track here and there when my 240 track car is down. I took the Merc to the track then 1 lap in it goes into limp mode. How are you guys drifting the heck out of the car and it’s not going to limp mode. I feel like that’s more abuse than a regular track day?! Definitely lmk. I’m stumped Because I love the car but I hate that I can’t drive it hard

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