Installing KW Clubsport Coilovers on my moms C63 AMG
C63 AMG trunk carpet clips
To get to the top of the shock, we pop the trunk and remove the little cargo hook and trunk-light in order to peel the carpet aside.
C63 AMG rear shock top bolts location
Behind the carpet you will find the two top-hat bolts that you need to remove.
Unbolting rear wheel well liner on a C63 AMG
Now back to the outside, we have to remove these two plastic nuts securing the wheel well liner in place.
Removing rear wheel well liner on a C63 AMG
With those nuts out of the way, we can peel back the liner to give the shock room to come out.
removing rear shock from C63 AMG
Finally, out comes the shock!
Removing rear spring from C63 AMG
And the spring too!


  1. Mercs make for a great drifting car base, they normally have huge caster from the factory, Merc is all about that highway stability.

    But welding the diff on moms car… ouf.

  2. I truly love the idea of an automatic car with a welded diff.

    Even moreso a 204 Mercedes, those are among the last quality cars they made.

  3. I also have a 2012 C 63 bought it as a fun daily to take it to the track here and there when my 240 track car is down. I took the Merc to the track then 1 lap in it goes into limp mode. How are you guys drifting the heck out of the car and it’s not going to limp mode. I feel like that’s more abuse than a regular track day?! Definitely lmk. I’m stumped Because I love the car but I hate that I can’t drive it hard

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