Installing KW Clubsport Coilovers on my moms C63 AMG
C63 AMG front top hat bolts
With the coilover securely attached to the knuckle, we give the jack a couple of pumps to push the top-hat into the strut tower, positioning the bolt holes. Before torquing down the top-hat bolts, we took them out and applied blue locktite to mimic the OEM installation.
C63 AMG front suspension cable clips with KW shock
KW provides provisions for all the OEM bracketry on their coilovers, so we can now simply slide the brake line/wire bracket into position just like with an OEM coilover.

The last step for the front is to install the sway bar end-link. However, you should wait to do this until you finish installing the KW coilovers on the other side of the car!!! Since the KW coilovers change your ride height when installed, you will have different ride height on one side of the car until you install both sides. This ride height difference means you have to deflect the sway bar to install the end-link, a very difficult task!

C63 AMG front KW sway bar end-links
KW provides their own sway bar end-links with the Clubsports. Do not try to re-use your OEM end-links! The KW end-links are shorter. This is because the mounting point for the end-link on the shock-body is lower to accommodate the threads for adjusting ride height.
Installing C63 AMG KW front sway bar end-link
After completing the other side of the car, we go ahead and install the end-links. You do not have to use the same “trick” as with the OEM end-links. The KW end-link balljoints provide a slot for you to put a wrench on!
Removing C63 AMG rear wheel
Time to tackle the rear!
Removing C63 AMG rear sway bar endlink
As always, we begin by disconnecting the sway bar end-link. We don’t have to remove it completely in this case as we will be reusing it. We just need to disconnect it to allow the suspension to droop.


  1. Mercs make for a great drifting car base, they normally have huge caster from the factory, Merc is all about that highway stability.

    But welding the diff on moms car… ouf.

  2. I truly love the idea of an automatic car with a welded diff.

    Even moreso a 204 Mercedes, those are among the last quality cars they made.

  3. I also have a 2012 C 63 bought it as a fun daily to take it to the track here and there when my 240 track car is down. I took the Merc to the track then 1 lap in it goes into limp mode. How are you guys drifting the heck out of the car and it’s not going to limp mode. I feel like that’s more abuse than a regular track day?! Definitely lmk. I’m stumped Because I love the car but I hate that I can’t drive it hard

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