Killer Conquest- LS Swapped Conquest Starion


With no aftermarket, this beautiful car had to be built completely from scratch, completely made by hand.  The body was digitized, then the fenders milled out of clay to make a buck which was used as a mold to make these awesome fiberglass fenders that are 6 inches wider than stock.

With little money but a lot of time, John spent the next 3 years teaching himself how to weld, design and fabricate, building the car of his dreams. John built himself a daily driver that could take a beating on the track and be driven home afterwards.


Another look at the custom wide body.  The wide body allow the car to run wheels and tires that are now 4 inches wider than stock on each side.  The addition of the wider rubber is one of the best improvements done to the car to aid performance.
Everything on the car is race car inspired.  With no aftermarket for the car, every bit of this vision had to be hand made on a low budget.  An APR GT250 wing is one of the few parts not hand made for the car.  For track use a rear diffuser is also mounted. 
The fully adjustable wing mounts are hand fabricated from aluminum plate and bolt directly to the rear bumper reinforcement for a totally solid mount.  Having the wing mount over the back of the car like this gives it more leverage over the chassis and increases the amount of downforce relative to the amount of drag that the wing creates.  The wing is also mounted high, in clean air not affected by the cars boundary layer.

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