Killer Conquest- LS Swapped Conquest Starion


To help re-attach the airflow to the rear deck after the roof line, genuine aircraft vortex generators were installed.   This helps to reduce drag and make the rear wing more effective.
The front of the car has many custom details for both appearance and performance. Cadillac STS HID projector lights are set into custom hand made housing to modernize the car's lighting. LED running lights and turn signals are used in custom vacuum formed housings and lenses.
The airdam is custom made and fitted with a functional splitter with a belly pan to add front downforce.  For track use a larger splitter is fitted.
The car rides on fat 17×11.5 rear and 17×9.5 front HRE 505 wheels shod with Nitto NT05 tires, 275/40-17 rear and 225/45-17 front.
A 1983 vented Starion hood was used , modified for more radical venting to help cool the V8 engine.  Venting also helps boost the splitter's effectiveness.  Aerocatches keep the hood in place.
In the rear, taillights from a 89 Starion were tinted red and installed.  The track only rear diffuser is shown in this picture which helps increase rear downforce.

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