Killer Conquest- LS Swapped Conquest Starion


A custom 3″ stainless exhaust has remote variable mufflers.  You can see the muffler bypass vacuum cans here. 
The exhaust has an H pipe to improve low and mid range torque.  The gold kapton covered heat shield protects the fuel safe fuel cell from radiated heat. The fuel cell is a great added touch that greatly improves fuel system safety which is is probably one of the most often ignored areas of car construction.
A genuine Fuel Safe fuel cell  safely stores the fuel  while protecting the car from potential impact related fuel fires.  The Fuel safe cell features a steel enclosure with a heavily reinforced rubberized  fabric inner bladder that resists punctures even if the cell itself is crushed.  The bladder itself is filled with flame retardant open cell foam that both retards fuel sloshing and if the bladder does rupture, limits the amount of fuel spilled at once to fuel an intense fire.
The Optima gel cell battery is mounted in the back to help with weight distribution.  The full size battery ensures easy starting in all conditions. 
The Art Morrison constructed roll cage features full triangulation of the rear section of the chassis.
You can see the formed roll cage base plate and seam welding details here.
The cage is constructed of DOM tubing.  The door bars allow easy egress in this street driven car.  Sparco EVO 2 seats help keep the driver in place when used with Corbeau 5 point harnesses. 

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