Killer Conquest- LS Swapped Conquest Starion


The centerpiece of the build is a Chevy LS1 engine and T56 six speed transmission from a 2002 Corvette.  The compact all aluminum engine is actually lighter than the stock Mitsubishi G54B motor.  The firewall and trans tunnel were cut out and sectioned to allow the engine to be set back 6″ for a front midship configuration.   Notice that the plug of cylinder #1 is behind the front axle centerline.  The front end of the chassis is tubbed with heavily modified wheel wells for steering clearance with the bigger front tires.  Not visible are custom made long tube headers.
The air intake is squished to fit over the core support and takes cold air from in front of the radiator.  The stock Corvette drive by wire throttle was converted to a conventional cable operated throttle body. 
The triangulated front brace ties the shock towers to the stiff firewall seam.  This significantly stiffens the front end.  The chassis has been completely seam welded for additional stiffness. You can barely see the custom headers here.  The LS1 is otherwise stock but the ECU is reflashed with a custom tune.  A custom oil pan with an Improved Racing baffle and windage tray help keep things lubed up under high G loads.  The front struts use camber plates originally intended for a Mark 1 MR-2.
The K&N filter has a good source of cold air right in front of the radiator. The engine makes 400 whp in its present trim.  This is plenty to propel the 2750 lb car around the track.
A 1993 Mustang Cobra master cylinder keeps the Cobra brakes working properly.
A custom aluminum triple core dual pass radiator keeps everything cool even during hard track use.

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