Killer Conquest- LS Swapped Conquest Starion


At the track a bigger splitter with side stagnation plates is fitted for increased downforce.
Bigger brakes from a 1993 Cobra Mustang with big 13 inch rotors are used to improve stopping power.  One reason why the stock Mustang calipers are used is so that the big rotor can fit under a relativity small in diameter 17″ wheel.
The front airdam has a shaped duct to feed air to the radiator.  This helps reduce drag and increase downforce.
The front suspension is an interesting composite of different parts. The custom spindles are CNC machined to use Cobra Mustang brakes and steering rack.  The roll center is corrected for the ride height and bump steer is corrected.  Custom control arms are longer than stock and fitted with polyurethane bushings.  The strut housings are shortened, fitted with coilover threaded sleeves and use Tokico 5 way adjustable dampers from an MR2.  A Suspension Techniques sway bars is used. 
You can see the car's belly pan and brake ducting here.  The belly pan helps improve the effectiveness of the front aero bits. 
In the rear, you can see the shortened and coil over converted strut housings.  Tokico 5 way adjustable dampers are used here as well.
Like the front, a rear Suspension Techniques sway bar is also used. 

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