Killer Conquest- LS Swapped Conquest Starion


The Conquest is not just another show car or even a hot street car but a unique creation that can literally do it all.  We found it at a car show, were impressed by it on the street and have seen it in battle on the track.  Most impressive. 
Here is the car in action at this years GTA Superlap Battle.  Parked at a show, driven to Cars and Coffee and pounded on the track, the Killer Conquest can do it all.
The Conquest is the ultimate expression of car crafting, every bit of it has been carefully constructed, nearly from scratch, a labor of love that not only looks good but is fast and can last lap after lap.  It accomplishes the goal of being daily driveable, being able to make it to the track and back under its own power after being flogged all day. 

Is John done with the car yet?  Not even.  The car will soon go under the knife again in the process of continual improvement.   The engine will be pulled for a power infusion and getting tons of power out of an LS is no problem.  John will also extensively rework the cars aero to get more downforce. We would like to revisit this fascinating car again in the future to see how it is developing as its story continues.

Look for the car at the Optima Challenge and the GTA circuit in the coming year.   You might also see it at a car show  or even being driven down the street!


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