PRI 2015: Part 5

Like SEMA in Las Vegas, PRI has a plethora of performance and racing aftermarket representation, but the beauty of PRI is that it’s pretty much all limited to just those things. It’s like watching a race on TV, but without the commercials.

Performance Racing Industry: Part 5

by Pablo Mazlumian

By now you've hopefully seen some of our massive PRI 2015 coverage, which we've separated into no less than six huge parts. If you like high-performance racing parts but missed some of the previous coverage, make sure to also check out these links:


Now there's no need to spend anymore time on how bad it sucks to be you if you missed any of our coverage, so without further ado, let us continue!


This crazy looking C6 Corvette Z06 built by D3 Performance Engineering sat with a menacing look in the Pro EFI booth.

Twin 88mm BorgWarner turbos give this beast a rumored 2400hp with a spray of nitrous.

Here’s a shot of the D3 Corvette’s interior. The digital dash display and carbon fiber console, along with the Bride seats make for a clean install that is all business.

One of my favorite booths to visit each year is VAC Motorsport. I go way back with these guys, having run a built cylinder head from them using Ferrea valvetrain in my Project E36 BMW turbo years ago. Contrary to popular belief among the BMW folk, however, VAC does a lot more than just BMWs. In fact, they’re a full, in-house machine and fabrication shop that builds and sells components to a variety of racing teams from different marques. Let’s check out some of their stuff…


Here’s a hard-crunching, race-prepared dog box sequential six-speed tranny for the Subaru STi…

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