PRI 2017 – What’s New and Cool Edition


This gigantic hunk of metal is the McLeod Racing RXT twin disc clutch for the Dodge Hellcat.

Even with the ludicrous power that the Hellcat makes from the factory, people want more. And McLeod is going to let them get it to the wheels, with a 1000hp ratings and optionally upgradeable to support 1200hp. With an overall pedal feel that is lighter than even the stock Hellcat clutch, the McLeod clamper utilizes 100% factory hydraulics and requires zero changes for installation (other than the ability to lift a ton of weight above your head).

This twin disc unit includes a billet flywheel that eliminates the stock twin-mass one but has the same overall weight. This means that you don’t have the typical twin-mass flywheel issues but also do not suffer any street driveability issues, either. The Hellcat RXT is not the only new thing in the pipeline, so keep an eye on McLeod in the future.


Turbosmart’s engineers have been super busy down under.

For one, why are there wires coming out of this wastegate? It’s because they now offer a wastegate position sensor-equipped cap for all of their wastegates. But why a sensor for the valve position? Sensing the wastegate valve position gives you much more direct insight into the performance of the gate (eg: too small, too much back pressure, etc).

In addition to the new sensor cap, everything underneath it has been revised, too. In fact, the Turbosmart wastegate range has been re-engineered from the ground up, with new valves, seats, castings, and more. For roughly the same size gates, Turbosmart can claim not only higher flow rates, but some of the highest flowing gates in the market. All of the gates feature better thermal performance overall, but also offer optional water cooling.

On top of that, the gates feature a rotatable collar which allows you to clock the head to point the ports in the optimal direction, and the inputs and outputs are both using v-band clamps. The wastegates are also fully modular, featuring interchangeable actuator assemblies and housings to allow the end user to choose the optimal packaging configuration for their needs. And, if that wasn’t enough, they offer these standard gates, gates designed for use with compressed gas (CO2), and motorsports-grade units. The motorsports grade units feature an integrated heat sink as well as water cooling standard, with an eye towards endurance racing and other thermally demanding situations.


Here’s more wires sticking out of things that don’t normally have wires.

Although, these days, a lot of OE bypass and blow off valves feature electronic controls. Turbosmart did some research, and realized that there was a lot of room for improvement. The Kompakt EM series of bypass / blow off valves has been engineered to solve all of the problems that OE valves have. While the OE valves tend to have leaky, slow solenoids, the Kompakt drop-in factory replacement valves feature mind-boggling 57X faster response time and 400% improved leak-down performance.


If you’ve ever bought and plumbed an aftermarket turbo before, you’ve probably done the oil pressure restrictor dance.

Turbocharger center sections are somewhat persnickety when it comes to throwing the right oil pressure at them. Getting it wrong can cause smoking if not worse issues. The OPR40 is a proper regulator, not just a restrictor, and is designed to ensure the optimal 40PSI flows through the center section. Featuring -4 fittings everywhere and a 1/8 NPT sensor port, the OPR40 is an excellent investment in the health of your turbocharger.


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