PRI 2017 – What’s New and Cool Edition


Link Engine Management has been selling ECUs for quite some time.

This year they have opened a US-based sales and tech support center in Detroit, Michigan, and are also warehousing product in the US. While a lot of manufacturers offer a “plug-and-play” ECU replacement solution, Link takes things one step farther by designing a main board to simply drop into the OEM ECU case. These plug-in ECUs offer all of the same powerful features as the rest of their lineup, including things like anti-lag and traction control. With up to 12 analog inputs and 11 digital inputs combined with 16 auxiliary outputs, the Link engine controllers pack a powerful punch.

Another cool product from Link is this super tiny CAN-Lambda controller.

Its diminutive size and environment-proof casing mean that the controller can be mounted almost anywhere, and then easily wired into a Link or other engine management system. With an extremely competitive price and using an industry standard Bosch LSU sensor, this could be an interesting option for extremely high-end applications where individual cylinder lambda is desired.

Along the same “CAN all the things!” lines, Innovate Motorsports is introducing a new line of individual sensor controllers under the MTS-LINK name.

These controllers offer individual data channels where needed and simplify sensor wiring by including all of the basics. Designed for easy integration into the rest of the Innovate lineup, the MTS-LINK controllers feature both CAN and analog output, essentially making them easy to integrate into any system. MTS-LINK will be available in a complete line of sensors, including MAP, pressure, temperature, ethanol percentage, and nitrous bottle pressure.

Rounding out Innovate’s new-for-2018 things is an LC3 wideband controller, which is an update to the existing LC2 model. The LC3 adds a CAN output on top of the existing LC2 functionality, and also has drastically increased the responsiveness of the signal coming from the analog output.

If you are an old-school RC nerd you probably remember the days when DC motors had brushes and you had to eventually change them. Or, I guess, if you own a lot of electric drills you might know about brushes, too.

RC people learned a while back that brushless motors offer all kinds of advantages, and the technology has advanced across a wide range of uses. One of those uses now includes fuel pumps.

Aeromotive has introduced a line of brushless DC gear fuel pumps capable of providing an absurd 5 gallons per minute of flow. Where most fuel pumps tend to lose flow rate as pressures increase, Aeromotive has applied their knowledge of mechanical fuel pumps combined with brushless technology to create a solution that can meet high fuel pressure demands with almost no drop off.

With a focus on Copo, Cobra Jet and Drag Pak tanks, other drop-in applications are in the works, but external in-line options are also available. There are additionally brushless updates to the Eliminator and A1000 pumps as well.

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