PRI 2017 – What’s New and Cool Edition


If you have been paying attention to Project SC300 you may have seen that we switched to using an AEM CD7 dash.

Not content to leave it at that, AEM has introduced the CD5 display, a smaller 5” unit for those who can’t or don’t want to accommodate the larger 7” one. While not entirely obvious from the photo, the CD5 also features an enclosure using long strand flow formed carbon. This is a lighter and stronger enclosure, which also improves the overall structural integrity of the display.

The smaller form factor is ideal for motorcycles, snowmobiles, watercraft, or even OEM applications where you may just want to supplement the factory dash or don’t have much space. The CD5 has all the same features and targeted uses as the CD7, and is available with in standard and logging versions. Available towards the end of 2018Q1, the CD5 will start at a slightly lower point of around $999. The CD series in general has plug-and-play harness options for popular ECMs as well as OBD2 compatibility for 2008+ MY vehicles.


AEM has also introduced a 22 channel sensor module that features CAN communication. The unit features various digital, analog and temperature inputs, along with a dedicated fuel level and tach input. It can pair quickly and easily with the CD series dashes to help you keep tabs on everything that’s going on in your vehicle.
Project SC300 is outfitted with an Autosport Labs RaceCapture Pro Mk2, and they have continued to evolve their lineup over time.

Since we first received our Mk2, Autosport Labs has added both a Mk3 logger with an updated connector design, as well as a fully ruggedized Apex unit with more integrated features. While they weren’t able to make the PRI show, and due to a snafu with a dealer, they didn’t have their new Podium Connect on the show floor. But here’s a stock photo of this new, exciting piece.

Podium Connect is essentially just a wireless telemetry bridge. But a really amazing one. It’s not a logger by itself. It wants to stream your data to, their cloud-based data analysis service. The nice thing about telemetry plus Podium is the ability for a driving coach to provide feedback to a driver while the driver is still in the car and on track. Other benefits of Podium Connect are the ability to easily integrate, out of the box, with many of the popular data systems from other motorsports vendors like MoTeC, AiM, Race Technology, and others. It will be available soon.

That’s a wrap for PRI for 2017. What do you think? Did we miss something super important? Let us know in the comments!

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