PRI 2017 – What’s New and Cool Edition


If you’ve been paying attention to Project SC300, you know that we have a Racepak Smartwire in the car for our power distribution. However, sensors and data management have always been a focus for the company, and they have recently introduced the Vantage CL1 cloud-based data system.

With initial solutions supporting autocross, road racing, and karting use cases, the Vantage logger can be combined with Racepak’s cloud service to provide live streaming of your data as well as a storage system for all of your sessions.


The CL1 retails for $595 and comes with an engine RPM pickup, a 20Hz GPS sensor, and a cellular mount.

Why the mount? Because the CL1 works with a mobile device or tablet (Android, iOS) to provide the dashboard/display. The application will show lap times, best lap, and deltas. The Vantage system can also accommodate 4 digital and 4 analog inputs, as well as a CAN input which pulls 12 common OBD data points. In the future Racepak may offer a Vantage system featuring many more inputs for drag racing and other higher-end motorsports applications that have large data recording demands.


While not entirely new, I really, really want one of these membrane switch panels for Project SC300. I have enough switches as it is, but this thing is simply way too cool. Other manufacturers have offered these types of switches for use with their power distribution systems for a while, so it’s nice to see Racepak finally offering one, too.
KW has been known for manufacturing high quality dampers / coil over suspension systems for quite some time, meeting or exceeding the super strict German TUV standards. They just raised the stakes, though.
KW will be offering a full four-way adjustable motorsports damper with an ETA of the end of 2018Q1.

This ain’t no kid’s toy. With independently adjustable high- and low-speed compression and rebound damping and a completely net-new valving design, this high-end motorsports damper is only available for custom set ups. In other words, there are no off-the-shelf kits at present, but if you can afford these units you probably don’t care. These dampers can accommodate a wide range of spring rates in the compact 50mm size.


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