PRI 2017 – What’s New and Cool Edition


Borg Warner has several new items, but these two caught our eye. First up, the TSG-1 turbo speed gauge.

Almost all SX-E and EFR series turbochargers from Borg Warner now feature a turbine speed sensor port. The TSG-1 makes it easy to capture turbine speed data in combination with boost pressure. With multiple configuration screens to set how to display data, the TSG-1 is pre-loaded with EFR turbo models in order to come with a built-in understanding of the upper speed ranges of the turbocharger units. The gauge will record overspeed events and their duration as well as the RPM. Additionally, the TSG-1 supports external lamp control so that you can have a big flashy light for when things get out of hand.

Borg Warner’s S300SX-E line has also been updated with a new 72mm inducer, their largest available.

This higher-flow compression stage features a combination V-band and hose outlet, which can be simply cut down depending on the end-user’s requirements. All of the SX-E compressor housings feature a pre-existing sensor port for a speed sensor. This hole is pre-threaded but is not drilled through from the factory, allowing the end-user to decide whether or not they wish to use a speed sensor, too.

Most of you are probably wondering what the heck this is.

While I understand that the diesel pulling market is not exactly MotoIQ’s core demographic, bear with me for a second. Billet blocks are not all that new, but Wagler Competition Products takes some inspiration from NHRA Top Fuel when they design components like this 6.7L Cummins-based block. With a three-piece construction, both the bottom and top of the block are pulled towards the center module via longer studs, which helps to prevent cylinder distortion. The modular and sleeved construction also makes it easier to repair the engine in case something goes wrong at 150+ PSI of boost. Simply knock out the affected sleeves and/or replace the module instead of having to replace the entire block.

CSF has been doing the high performance heat exchanger thing for some time now, but they still manage to come out with new and interesting applications all the time.

They recently introduced a new, slimmer Mitsubishi Evo radiator that makes for more room for interesting turbo setups while still providing excellent cooling performance. For the euro set, CSF now offers a complete BMW M2 cooling upgrade kit, featuring a radiator, intercooler, oil cooler, and DCT cooler. CSF testing showed a reduction in oil temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which is a great thing considering how common it is for cars to go into limp mode when oil temperatures get too high.


CSF has also expanded their line of oil coolers, introducing a new, smaller “universal” cooler based on the same bar-and-plate design as their existing direct-fit single and dual pass oil coolers.

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