PRI 2017 – What’s New and Cool Edition


Sticking inside the engine for a minute brings us to King Engine Bearings.

They have recently added the Ford 302 Coyote engine as well as a Honda K-series doweled bearing to their lineup of pMaxKote high performance engine bearings. The pMaxCote system is a non-sacrificial nanocomposite that provides increased pressure handling across the load surface but will not wear away over the service life of the bearing. This is combined with their pMaxBlack plating, which adds even more fatigue resistance and load capacity. If something catastrophic should happen (you do have an oil pressure light, right?), the coating can provide some extra protection and insurance.

The pMaxCote lineup currently covers most popular domestic, and select Honda and Subaru applications, with with more European applications in the pipeline.
As more and more drivers take to the track in various high performance driving events, from time trials to simple track days and more, personal safety is a big topic of discussion.

While the old adage goes “If you don’t have a $10 head, don’t buy a $10 helmet”, spending a little less doesn’t always mean you have to sacrifice on safety or features. Roux may be a relative newcomer to the helmet market, but they have to pass the same stringent certification process as other vendors. They successfully completed the testing and carry both the SA2015 and FIA 8859 certifications, making for a helmet that can be used internationally without question.

Their new R1CF combines may of their existing exciting features like integrated radio communications and a drinking system with a carbon shell and an integrated cooling system. That’s right, using the same technology as many personal cooling systems based around shirts, Roux has employed cooling into the helmet itself. Roux manages to offer all of these features at a price that in many cases is the same as more recognizable brand models that have none of these features.

The PRI show floor is full of interesting or cool cars. All kinds of cars. But, honestly, I don’t know what I am supposed to make of this.

For those of you that don’t have awesome headlight recognition, this is a Toyota Prius. For those of you who also suffer from engine recognition difficulties, that is a Dodge Hellcat engine. In a Toyota Prius. Converted to rear-wheel drive. The hashtag on the bumper is “You Have Got To Be Fxxx Sxxx Me”. You can probably fill in the blanks. American Racing Headers partnered with Farks Super Cars to get this insane creation out there. The plan is to see if they can get away with driving it in the HOV lane.


If the job of the turbocharger’s turbine is to turn heat and exhaust gas energy into kinetic energy of the compressor wheel, then wouldn’t it make sense to try to keep as much heat as possible in the turbine?

Well that’s exactly what PTP Turbo Blankets’ products do. Now, they’ve worked with United Speed on an exclusive FK8 application for the new Civic. For around $170 MSRP, this first-to-market thermal management kit comes with everything you need to install the blanket.

This particular application utilizes PTP’s Lava material, which is made from volcanic basalt, and is their top-of-line material. Their Lava option is the most efficient and offers the highest heat tolerance/capacity of their product line. This thermal management combination of blanket and reflective shielding was able to produce 20 wheel horsepower on an otherwise stock Civic. It doesn’t hurt that it keeps the engine bay cooler overall, either.

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