PRI 2017 – What’s New and Cool Edition


The GT3 endurance caliper is in the front with the C43 behind.

This is an insanely massive caliper that was used on the Realtime Racing TLX and also on the Enviate Hypercar. It features a 28mm maximum pad thickness and that can be fit over either a 32 or 35mm wide rotor. The newest generation of this 7075 aluminum caliper features fins on the exposed bore areas to improve cooling, and also has porting between the bores. To top it off, the caliper is pre-drilled for bolts to mount ducting.

For reference, you can see just how much larger the GT3 caliper is than the C43. With a huge caliper and such monstrously thick pads, endurance racers should be pleased with their brake change intervals!
?You may know Deatschworks for fuel rails, regulators, and other system components, but you may not know that they recently introduced 200+ E85-compatible fuel fittings to their lineup, including quick disconnects. They also have rubber and PTFE stainless or nylon braided hoses to go along with them. These fully anodized fittings are not just for fuel, though, and could be used with hydraulic and other fluids.
To complement their existing lineup of regulators, Deatschworks has introduced a new more compact 1000C, which features three -6 ports and one 1/8NPT gauge port. There will also be a special kit edition for kit makers (power adder, etc) with a simplified in/out port configuration.
To go with those regulators and fittings, Deatschworks also has introduced a number of fuel rails targeted at the sport compact and import markets. With applications for Subaru out now, Deatschworks is looking to release more variants soon, and also has their eye on the domestic market with offerings for LS and Coyote engines in the works.

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