Project Corvette Stingray C7 Z51: Body Modification


Howard removes the tape backing and pressed the new spoiler down.
Finally, he tightens down the hardware to get the spoiler in place.
While we have the rear bumper fascia off, we’re also going to have to remove the rear quarter panels off to install the Z06 air ducts. Fortunately, there were just a few more fasteners that needed removing to get them off.
You can see the air duct to the transaxle cooler here. The Corvette is cool; it comes track ready with all the right heat exchangers that you normally have to spend big bucks to add to a car for track use.
The scoop built into the Z06 vents are easily seen on the part on the left compared to the base Stingray part on the right.
Once the quarter panel is off, the scoops just pop right in place.


  1. Hey Mike, thanks for the putting this build together. Just picked up a 2015 Z51 Stingray LT3 and looking to improve it. If you guys have a build sheet / part numbers / links / etc, please share. Thanks much.

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