Project Corvette Stingray C7 Z51: Body Modification


Here are the rear details of the scoops and how they funnel down to the Z51 brake ducts.

We also got these GM Performance mudflaps or quarter panel extensions to prevent our future larger tires from kicking rocks and debris onto our fenders where they could damage the paint.

Here is Project C7 on the lift, and we are about to start. The stock stingray front grille is pictured on the car. Like we were saying previously, the Z51 model has brake duct vents that go to the grille but no large holes to them like the Z06 grille has.

The stock front grille has this chrome strip that we don’t like. Chrome doesn’t seem to belong on the front of the car in our opinion.

Replacing the grille requires removing the front bumper. Howard removes the fender liners to get to the fasteners.

There are more fasteners under the front bumper that need to be removed.



  1. Hey Mike, thanks for the putting this build together. Just picked up a 2015 Z51 Stingray LT3 and looking to improve it. If you guys have a build sheet / part numbers / links / etc, please share. Thanks much.

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