Project Corvette Stingray C7 Z51: Body Modification


The Chevrolet Performance side skirts are made of the same high-quality cloth, layed up carbon fiber as the splitter.

The side skirts work by helping to prevent the air flowing from the top and sides of the car from spilling over and curling under the car where it can contribute to positive pressure and lift. The sides skirts help block this airflow. The also entrap the vorticities created by the splitter winglets to help their efficiency.


The Chevrolet Performance side skirts use the same OEM quality UV resistant resins as the roof and splitter.

The fit and finish of the side skirts are superb.

The Chevrolet Performance rear spoiler is the same Stage 1 spoiler that comes with the wider-bodied Z06 Corvette.

The Chevrolet Performance spoiler takes the place of the small factory spoiler. The spoiler fits in the original factory holes and fits perfectly, despite coming from the the Z06 which is slightly wider in the rear. The spoiler will hang off the edges of our Stingray’s narrower butt.

Like most OEM spoilers, the Chevrolet Performance part uses studs that are sealed to prevent leakage into the inside of the trunk and double adhesive tape to reduce gaps to their minimum.



  1. Hey Mike, thanks for the putting this build together. Just picked up a 2015 Z51 Stingray LT3 and looking to improve it. If you guys have a build sheet / part numbers / links / etc, please share. Thanks much.

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