Project Corvette Stingray C7 Z51: Body Modification


The splitter does have an upturn at the end which helps with the ground clearance and pitch sensitivity (a little). This is when the front of the car dives and the front of the splitter cuts off the airflow under the car. The C7 doesn’t have full underbody aero, so the difference is probably small.

The air director steers air around the tire. It also protects the splitter from ground contact as well.

The car’s front profile is very striking with the GM Performance parts. We were surprised how much more aggressive the car looks.

The side skirts are not only functional, but match the car’s lines really well.

You can see how the quarter panel scoops can really grab air for the coolers.

The scoops look as mean here as they do on a Z06!

Another view shows how much they can catch the air.



  1. Hey Mike, thanks for the putting this build together. Just picked up a 2015 Z51 Stingray LT3 and looking to improve it. If you guys have a build sheet / part numbers / links / etc, please share. Thanks much.

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