Project DBA R35 GT-R, Putting the Suspension All Together With SPL Parts and Whiteline


For the front lower control arm, we used Whiteline’s lower anti-lift kit. It is pictured on the left.

Whiteline’s anti-lift kit is designed to reduce the amount of anti-dive and pro-lift in the front suspension geometry. The GT-R has a lot of anti-dive in the front geometry, and we feel that this can contribute to understeer on turn in, particularly when trail braking into a corner. The anti-dive causes a binding moment in the front suspension when it is subject to brake torque loading, which increases the front wheel rate leading to understeer.

This geometry also causes the front to lift when it is subjected to the engine’s torque. This can upset the geometry of the car and weight transfer on corner exit and on drag launches. We prefer to control the car’s attitude with shock adjustments and the spring rate. This will have a more linear response to the driver’s inputs, as well as avoiding any shock to the tires’ contact patches.

Also pictured on the right is Whiteline’s upper control arm kit. We used the SPL Parts upper arm, so we ended up not using it, but it is worth mentioning. The Whiteline upper arm kit allows adjustment of camber and caster using eccentric bushings. Depending on how they are adjusted, the can also adjust roll center and anti-dive and pro-lift to a degree.

The Whiteline kit also adds a half degree of positive caster. This is a big help on the early CBA GT-R’s that had less caster in the front end geometry.


First, we installed the Whiteline anti-lift kit and SPL Parts PRO upper arm by removing the stock parts.

Here is the SPL Pro upper arm compared to the stock part. Although the stock Nissan arm is a good quality forged aluminum piece, the SPL PRO arm is lighter and stronger. The SPL arm simply replaces the stock piece. We adjusted the arm so it was about the same length as stock for a baseline setting.

Howard presses the stock rear bushing of the lower control arm off the stock front lower arm.

To shrink the arm to make the installation of the Whiteline kit easier, we froze the arm in the freezer.


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