Project DBA R35 GT-R, Putting the Suspension All Together With SPL Parts and Whiteline



George hung the arms on a rod to line them up so he could adjust the SPL links to be the same length as the factory Nissan parts. This would allow us an easy baseline adjustment and to speed our alignment.

George installs the SPL arms to the GT-R’s cross member.

The SPL lockout plates are installed on the cross member pivots for the camber arm and the toe link, replacing the stock adjusting eccentrics.

George bolts up the modified knuckle and reinstalls the brakes. We are now ready to align the car and to do the initial chassis setup.

We took our car to West End Alignment to do our initial setup.  We asked West End to set the front suspension at 3.5 degrees negative with 6 degrees positive caster and 1/8″ toe out. The rear suspension was set at 1.5 degrees negative with 1/8″ toe in.


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