Project DBA R35 GT-R, Putting the Suspension All Together With SPL Parts and Whiteline


Our car is now all set up and ready for some fine adjustment. Even with our moderate lowering, the super wide wheels and tires do not exhibit the slightest bit of rub. It is amazing what a good wheelwell filling wheel and tire fitment and moderate lowering do for the looks of our car!

Now our car has racecar levels of adjustment in the suspension from the basic chassis settings and roll stiffness to incremental adjustability in the dampers.  We have added a decent amount of front negative camber to lay out a flatter contact patch under cornering load and to take advantage of the tires’ camber thrust while keeping caster build up under control. These modifications will help us eliminate understeer.

We have also greatly increased the size of the tires which should help prevent us from being able to overdrive them into understeer hell so easily. Our brake mods will give the brakes far more staying power under hard use as well. All of this has been achieved while removing more than 50 lbs off of the car- nearly all of its rotating and unsprung weight that greatly affects performance and handling.

Now that we have our chassis up to the “best there is” status or very close to it, we are going to turn our attention towards getting more power out of our car to bring the GT-R into current supercar beating status. Stay tuned!


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Mackin Industries (Advan Wheels)

Toyo Tires

KW Suspension

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