Project DBA R35 GT-R, Putting the Suspension All Together With SPL Parts and Whiteline


Howard presses in the aluminum sleeve of the Whiteline anti-lift kit onto the control arm. He also presses the urethane bushings of the kit into their aluminum mounts oriented in the direction to drop the rear pivot lower.
As you can see here, the installed Whiteline kit on the right reduces anti-dive and pro-lift by moving the rear pivot of the lower control arm down.

Ideally, it would be better to get rid of even more anti-dive because the GT-R has a large amount, something like 30%. The best way would be to raise the rear upper control arm pivot, but that would take some fabrication and may be difficult with the GT-R’s aluminum shock tower.

You can also see how the Whiteline bushing has fewer cutouts than the stock bushing on the left so it can be stiffer. This is in addition to the stiffer urethane material it is made out of. It has some small holes for some engineered flex to allow for suspension articulation with less binding.


Next, Geroge disassembles the rear suspension.

George gets the rear upright ready for the installation of the SPL bearing kit by removing the hub from the knuckle.

Next, George and Howard remove the stock bushings using this huge C-clamp and some spacers that we have in the shop for changing bushings.


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