Project DBA R35 GT-R, Putting the Suspension All Together With SPL Parts and Whiteline


To precisely set the toe, West End painted a white stripe on the tires then scribed a precise line on the tread from which to measure the toe settings with a toe bar.

Chris sets the toe and camber by turning the adjusters of the SPL Parts links. Chris loves the SPL links because of their ease of use. Many other links require that the end of the link be removed so the bearing can be turned and the precision of the adjustment is limited to 1/2 of the thread pitch. With the SPL parts, its just dial it in on the car and set the lock rings.

To get the toe and camber down on a GT-R, you have to chase the adjustments a bit as one adjuster affects the setting of the other.


Chris checks the caster and camber on the front suspension. The SPL upper arm makes the adjustment of these settings a snap with the independent adjuster.


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