Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Bolt On Power Mods Part 1

The core itself is a lightweight low-restriction tube and fin type.  Tube and fin cores allow good airflow through the core which is good for allowing air to reach the radiator.  The core is Greddy’s R-Type which has extra turbulators inside the tubes over the base Greddy intercooler for extra heat transfer. In independent testing, the Greddy R-type core is one of the most efficient on the market.

The Greddy intercooler is a cross-flow vs the stock top flow. This makes more efficient use of the core for more temperature drop. With a larger, freer-flowing, and more efficient core, the Greddy front mount should really help us reach our power goals!

The Greddy front mount comes with new smooth mandrel bent hard charge pipes.  These are less restrictive than stock and can actually make a readable gain in power.  The pipes take the OEM compressor bypass valves and come with quality silicone couplers.

The OEM intake and MAF housings are power limitations even at the bolt-on level.  When tuning for more power the increased airflow quickly maxes out the MAF voltage and the ECU will not register the flow gains once this point is met.  We are going to cure this with Cobb Tuning’s Redline Carbon Fiber Big SF Intake.  The Cobb intake increases the inner diameter of the intake tubing, increasing the cross-section of the intake and allowing the MAF sensor to read lower voltage for the same amount of ingested air. This gives the sensor the necessary headroom to read accurately for airflow higher than the stock system was designed for. COBB Tuning has used this intake to support builds of over 600hp and 600lb ft of torque at the wheels.

The Cobb Redline intake is made of lightweight and high-quality carbon fiber. It uses the OEM intake pipe mounts to prevent any rattling that some intakes that don’t have brackets exhibit. The high flow filters are from K&N.  The provisions for the MAF sensors are molded into the carbon.

The included hardware with the Cobb Redline intake is of high quality.  3-ply, steel-reinforced silicone couplers, and cushioned anti-vibration mounts are included.  The ECU must be recalibrated for the increased intake flow capacity of the bigger diameter tubes.  This is accomplished with the Cobb Access Port.


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