Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Bolt On Power Mods Part 1

The catch can kit comes with quality line and fittings for the hoses.

We also ordered the optional drain kit to make emptying out full catch cans an easy and neat job.

Our final bolt-on upgrade is a set of Ignition Projects multi spark coils.  We have used these coils with great success on many of our project and race teams we work with.

The IP coils have 100% more amperage than the stock coils and fire the plugs up to 10x per power stroke of the engine to give you the most changes to ignite the mixture in the cylinders.

Best of all they are probably the easiest mod ever, you just drop them right in and the plug straight to your cars stock coil wires.

Here is a test of the  IP GT-R coils vs the OEM parts.  The spark plugs are placed in a pressure chamber and the pressure is increased until the stock ignition cannot sustain a stable spark. Note how the Ignition Projects coil still has a strong spark even at the point where the stock ignition cannot even produce a spark at all!


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