Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Bolt On Power Mods Part 1


The Cobb fuel system includes twin AEM 340 LPH ethanol safe fuel pumps. The stock GT-R fuel pump easily gets maxed out with just a simple tune on gasoline, never mind E85 so the twin pumps are a minimal consideration for even a bolt-on E85 build.

Since blowby and putting oil mist into the intake manifold can contribute to detonation, we wanted to remove that possibility from our car.  We will be using Radium Engineerings triple catch can system to filter our crankcase air to remove oil mist.

The Radium catch cans use a stainless steel mesh to remove oil from blowby gasses and collect them into the base of the catch can.

Here is a shot of the mesh filter inside the catch can.

The catch cans have a dipstick to monitor how full they are getting.

The catch cans have a bracket set to make their installation an easy bolt in.


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