Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Bolt On Power Mods Part 1

Its exciting times for our Project, for the past year we have been building the base chassis of our car to be solid and able to easily support a big increase in power by bringing the handling, tires, and brakes up to supercar standards.  Now with some simple bolt-ons, we should be able to bring the engine power up to world-class supercar levels.  Since the GT-R is a favorite tuner car with perhaps more development on it than any car in the world, we are not trying to build anything cutting edge or record-breaking in the engine department but we are trying to maximize the fun to drive aspect with reliability in mind.  We are trying to also build something that can easily run with any from the dealer’s lot exotic at a fraction of the cost.

Before E85 became available in Sothern California, we would always whine about how our crappy 91 octane gasoline would greatly hamper any of our builds. You non-Californians were probably sick of hearing about it! Well now we will be able to do things more like what the rest of the country can do and it’s exciting, at least now we can max out what is safely possible with easy bolt-ons for the R35!  To spare the stock engine bottom end and transmission, we will be limiting out torque output to something below 650 lb/ft which will limit our wheel horsepower to something in the mid 600 level as well. That should be fun for the time being!

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