Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Bolt On Power Mods Part 1

Cobb uses an OEM grade sensor to detect the ethanol concentration in the fuel and feed it back to the ECU.


The kit comes with all the fuel lines and brackets to make this easy.

The kit also has plug and play wiring so no cutting or splicing of the OEM wiring harness required.

As a safety measure, we added Cobb’s fuel pressure sensing unit.  This allows the ECU to reduce boost pressure if it detects any drop in fuel pressure as a safeguard for the engine.  It plugs right into the car’s stock fuel rail.

We also used Cobb’s CAN gateway pass-through module which allows us to add additional sensors like the fuel pressure and ethanol content to the cars CAN stream without highjacking any of the car’s existing ECU inputs.  Before something like the evap canister purge or cruise control would be disconnected and used to input sensors but with the CAN Gateway, this is no longer necessary.  This is a really cool part!

The GT-R’s stock fuel system is marginal on gasoline and when running E85 it is completely inadequate so we will be adding Cobb’s fuel system upgrade.  E85 requires 30% more fuel capacity alone. The base of the upgrade is some 1300cc/min injectors, this is up from the stock 570cc injectors and should see us through whatever power mods we will plan in the future.


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