Project DBA R35 Nissan GT-R, Bolt On Power Mods Part 1

We will be reflashing our OEM ECU with the Cobb Access Port.   Our Access Port configuration is Version 3 with TCM Flashing. The Access Port is easy to install and uninstall from your vehicle.  You can tune the engine and transmission, data log, and monitor your GT-R’s performance and operating parameters with the Access Port.

Here are some of Cobb’s considerable GT-R specific Access Port features.

COBB Adjustable Traction Control: Adjust target traction slip on the fly (Slots 1-8) and maximize tire grip to best suit given track conditions (wet/damp/dry/street/slip/burnout/etc).

COBB Adjustable Launch Control: Adjust the factory launch control RPM to maximize the tire to pavement contact for that perfect launch.

COBB Boost Gauge wrap around: Monitor boost past 20 PSI (~150 kPa), which is an OEM limitation on the factory Multi-Function Display. The boost gauge will wrap around and display excess boost pressure.

COBB Boost Off The Line: Dial in boost to optimize launches beyond the factory Launch Control logic. Boost Off The Line builds boost to spool the turbos for that perfect launch.

COBB Knock Indicator: View knock events, as they occur, on the factory Multi-Function display.

COBB On The Fly Map Switching: Switch to another map on-the-fly while you drive for optimal tuning for every situation.

COBB Realtime Tuning:  Changes can be made to the map in realtime, while the engine is running.  Greatly speeds up the tuning process and allows quick changes to powerful features like Adjustable Traction Control, Launch Control, and Map Switching.

COBB Rolling Boost: Load up the turbos to create boost for roll race events. Simply hold the cruise control button, “Set Coast” to build boost.

COBB Speed Density Tuning: Tune using the MAP sensor instead of the MAF sensor for big-power builds that exceed the stock MAF sensor’s maximum capacity.

COBB Fast ECU Flashing: Allows ECU map change flashing time to be reduced to 40 seconds or less!

TCM Flashing: Reflash the Transmission Control Module to enhance launch control, perform factory gear learning, and adjust clutch capacity and touchpoints.

TCM Adjustments: Run clutch gear learning, or adjust clutch touchpoints, and clutch torque capacities.

TCM Logging: Log transmission data monitors to diagnose mechanical issues or improve transmission characteristics. Transmission monitors can be logged simultaneously along with Engine monitors.

TPMS Learning: Easily re-program TPMS sensors for new wheels and tires using the Accessport and prevent cumbersome trips to the dealership!

Bank Air Learn: Relearn and rebalance airflow between the left and right intake manifolds.


With E85 finally becoming somewhat available in Southern California, you can bet we will be taking advantage of this high octane and cool burning fuel.  To do this seamlessly we chose Cobb Tunings Flex Fuel kit.  This will enable us to run E85, pump gas, or any combination of the two seamlessly just in case we can’t find a station with E85.  Cobb’s kit is a very well-integrated bolt and plugin system that makes installation clean and seamless.


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