Project Evo X GSR, Completing the Suspension with Whiteline


Whiteline provided the front urethane lower control arm bushings. These are steel lined to minimize thrust wear.
Whiteline also was the source for the rear suspension front trailing arm bushing which is a hard urethane piece.
The stock Evo X end links are thin and prone to break at inopportune moments with bigger swaybars. We used Whiteline's parts which are made of strong billet aluminum. They are also length adjustable which is handy for getting the angularity out when adjusting the bar and for getting rid of bar preload when corner balancing. 
The front Whiteline endlinks are super short and attach to the lower control arm.  The older Evo X had long endlinks that attached to the strut housings. These broke super easy, even with the stock bars. Like the rear links, the front links are also adjustable. 
The rear front lower control arm bushing is replaced by Whiteline's anti lift kit.  The anti lift kit lowers the the rear lower control arm pivot which reduces anti dive and pro lift of the front suspension. With less anti dive, the suspension binds less under trail braking conditions and understeer is reduced. There is less lifting moment in the suspension under acceleration as well.  The only disadvantage is there will be more dive under braking but this is handled by having stiffer suspension which was handled by the KW V3 coilovers we installed previously.  The anti lift lit also moves the lower control arm rear pivot outward which increases caster by 0.5 degrees.  The increased caster helps reduce understeer and improves stability.

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