Project Evo X GSR, Completing the Suspension with Whiteline


Howard also removed the rear anti sway bar.  The Whiteline part is 27mm in diameter, up from the OEM 23mm. Like the front Whiteline bar, the rear bar is also 3 way adjustable. 
Whiteline's newest urethane sway bar bushings are PFTE (the non dupont brand name for teflon) lined.  This is a great deal because it eliminates the urethane bushings tendency to squeak.  It also greatly reduces static friction which can improve the ride quality.  The new bushings don't even need any lube!  To our knowledge Whiteline is the only company that does this with urethane bushings. 
You can see how much stronger the Whiteline end link is compared to the stock one.  The stock link breaks easily when bigger bars are used. 
The Whiteline sway bar bolts right into the stock location. 
We set the sway bar in the middle position like the front bar.  We expect to do some bar tuning if necessary at the track. 
The rear toe link is the one link that has a bushing in it so we replaced it with a Whiteline urethane part.

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