Project Evo X GSR, Completing the Suspension with Whiteline


The new Whiteline bar slides into place and is bolted down like the stock part.
Next the stock tie rod ends are removed.
The new Whiteline tie rod ends are longer to correct bumpsteer. 
The Whiteline heavy duty sway bar end links are bolted up next.  We installed them in the middle hole of the swaybar.
Our front suspension is now complete!  The Whiteline bits complement our KW Clubsport coilovers nicely.  Our Evo is going to be a great weekend trackday car!
Now it was time to focus on the rear suspension.  Howard swapped the rear lateral link with Whiteline's adjustable camber/toe arm.  This arm has way more adjustment range so the rear camber and toe can be adjusted more precisely.  The arm has spherical bearings instead of rubber as many of the OEM arm ends have bearings stock instead of bushings. 

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