Project Evo X GSR, Completing the Suspension with Whiteline


The stock bushing was pushed out with an air hammer.
The urethane Whiteline bushing pushes in by hand.
The rear suspension is now complete and ready to go. 
Our car looks great with a nice ride height.

Once our suspension install was complete, we took our car over to Westend Alignment where we had the alignment set pretty aggressively in anticipation of track day usage.  The front end was set to 3.5 degrees negative camber with 1/8″ toe out. The caster was improved to 5.5 degrees positive.  The rear suspension was set at 1.7 degrees negative with zero toe.

Our initial impression of the car is quite good.  There is no understeer unless it is induced on purpose. You can stand on the gas very hard on corner exit as well as trail brake without upsetting the chassis thanks to the anti lift kit.  There was a slight tendency for the nose to dive under braking but a click more front compression damping took care of that.  

The 'limits are now too high to explore safely on the street so to the track we go!



Whiteline Suspension

KW Suspension

West End Alignment

Full Race Motorsports


RC Engineering

Cobb Tuning





Looney Tuning

Innovate Motorsports

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