Project GD STI – Improving the Fuel System with Injector Dynamics and Other Details


We spent a lot of time routing and rerouting wires and hoses to try to eliminate rubbing and chafing.
The bracket that holds the coolant surge tank hit the Injector Dynamics fuel rail so we had to modify it to clear.
 Some careful trimming and cutting got it to fit.  Any top feed conversion is liable to fit.  You also have to be careful how you clock the fittings on the fuel lines as they really only go in one way without hitting something.  Look at the picture closely, it’s a tight fit in there.  Subarus suck.
In order to give us a little more mounting flexibility, we made this coupler out of an HPS silicone hump hose.  It worked like a charm!
Finally we got everything in the engine room buttoned up and sano.  This only took a few days!  Off and on we worked on this for 4 days!
Next up is the fuel pump.  Fortunately this is easy like any other car.  You can access the fuel pump through this hatch in the floor under the rear seat.

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