Project GD STI – Improving the Fuel System with Injector Dynamics and Other Details


This is the fuel pump assembly as we pulled it out of the tank.
The stock pump is removed easily.  If you were so inclined on a high mile car, now would be a good time to change the fuel filter and intake screen.
The AEM pump is slightly longer but weights a lot more than the stock pump.  Must be some serious stuff in there!
We had to grind on the rubber end pad to make room for the longer pump.  It just barely fits but it all goes in and plugs right up.  The fuel pump has been the easiest thing so far!
Mitch McKee had emailed us a new program to set our injector scaling so we could start the car up and drive it to the dyno.  It was a simple deal to download this program to the Access Port.
Flashing the ECU was a piece of cake.  Our car started right up.  Even though they are 1000cc the Injector Dynamics injectors idle really smooth, better than stock!   The AEM fuel pump was very quiet as well.

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