Project Lexus SC300 Road Racer: Part 11 – Engine Bay Wiring


That’s it!

This is the (almost entirely) completed engine bay harness. We used some bigger Deutsch DT connectors for the higher power devices (as opposed to DTMs). We discussed power handling of various Deutsch connectors in Part 9. The special sensor connectors from MilSpecWiring are present and accounted for. The Bosch flat response knock sensors have their own special connectors, too, and those were crimped on.

There are still a couple of connectors and miscellaneous odds and ends to take care of, but it’s mostly done. Until everything is tested, we won’t be shrinking the glue boot onto the circular milspec connector. This makes it possible to change things if need be, but we did test a bunch already. You never know, though.


The wheel speed sensor harness design.

We already pulled the wheel speed sensor harness for the trunk when we assembled the trunk harness. Now it was time to pull it for the engine bay (to measure the front wheels). This was a little trickier, because Toyota used some weird stuff up front.


The factory front Toyota front wheel speed sensor on the SC300 has a semi-rigid design mounted to the inner fender area.

It would have been preferable to have a design like this in the trunk, where the connector was inside, as opposed to outside and exposed more directly to the elements. But, Deutsch DT(M) connectors are sealed and environment-proof, so it’s not so bad.


Either way, the factory connector had to come off.

A little snip snip and off it goes. Then the wires are prepped.

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