Project Lexus SC300 Road Racer: Part 11 – Engine Bay Wiring


Mocked up, measured, and taped.

Tom has more or less located where the switch will go, and taped the windshield (to write on it) and marked the plastic cowl panel for later trimming and drilling.


A small piece of aluminum is used to mount the switch.

Unfortunately for us, this area is not actually flat. It’s not a big deal, though. A little bit of work with a small hammer makes the piece conform to the mounting surface.


A little more fabrication work adds an offset to the mounting panel.


More or less the final product.

After some massaging and some quick work with a drill, the switch is now attached to the mounting panel. This switch will get a nice bright red pull attached to it and an approved warning sticker (indicating an electrical cut-off location) will be applied to the hood right near it. Some holes and some bolts and nuts, or possibly rivets, will secure the panel in place.


These switches use #6 ring terminals.

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