Project “My Fiancée’s” Miata: Part 11 – How to add a Professional Awesome Splitter, an APR Performance Wing, and Improve Your Lap Times

Centering the splitter and making sure it doesn’t rub on the tires when turning is also essential before you start attaching it to the car. In general, the more the splitter extends forward, the better the aerodynamic performance, but, the splitter will be more likely to run into the ground under braking and curbs in the corners. Also, the farther it extends, the more support you need to keep it from failing due to air pressure loads. Once all this positioning was figured out, we roughed out the position for the air dam and marked it on the splitter itself.

Mike Lewin, with the stability of a shell-shocked war veteran, draws on the approximate location for the air dam.


We use very simple aluminum brackets to attach our air dam to our splitter blade. The same process is used on the Professional Awesome Evo, but with thicker and larger pieces.


When riveting, we suggest using these handy-dandy temporary Cleco fasteners. These allow you to temporarily hold everything in place, before permanently installing your main rivets.


The finished product is simple and secure.


On the reverse side, you can see where we have removed the protective covering of the splitter blade, so we can directly bond the bracket to the blade and air dam. We’ll remove the entire covering before sealing the back of the air dam to keep air from bleeding through and reducing efficiency.


  1. Massive congrats on upgrading your fiancee and your car! It’s nice watching the car progress from girlfriend’s Miata to wife’s Miata.

  2. Congratulations to you and yours, good sir! Looking forward to seeing what you two decided on, I’m sure it will make for excellent reading material!

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