Project “My Fiancée’s” Miata: Part 11 – How to add a Professional Awesome Splitter, an APR Performance Wing, and Improve Your Lap Times
The chassis of the splitter is the most critical aspect for safety. Notice the majority of the bracing is directly in front of the diffusers and behind the air dam. These are the places where air pressure will create the highest loads.

After the diffusers were mounted, construction for the splitter frame started. The frame for your splitter is extremely critical as a splitter falling off while you take a high-speed turn could be a life and death situation. The frame needs to be strong and mounted where loads are highest. In our case, the loads are going to be the greatest right in front of the air dam and the leading edge of the diffusers. We used aluminum bolted, riveted, and bonded to the splitter with joints overlapping where possible. Two spurs are added to keep the splitter from flexing and to give us additional mounting locations.

We found these marine grade, quick release brackets on Amazon that we bolted to various parts of the Miata to allow for quick installation and removal of the splitter.


The brackets bolted to the splitter frame in several places to give support.


The braces bolt from the splitter frame to solidly on the chassis.


Noticed the additional adjustment screw for height and angle in the middle of the front splitter rods. Word of advice, don’t go this route unless you have a very controlled manufacturing process. They didn’t fail, but we noticed areas on the rods that didn’t seem happy. Learn from our mistakes and go with solid rods, cable, or another, stronger option.


  1. Massive congrats on upgrading your fiancee and your car! It’s nice watching the car progress from girlfriend’s Miata to wife’s Miata.

  2. Congratulations to you and yours, good sir! Looking forward to seeing what you two decided on, I’m sure it will make for excellent reading material!

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