Project “My Fiancée’s” Miata: Part 11 – How to add a Professional Awesome Splitter, an APR Performance Wing, and Improve Your Lap Times

With that, ladies and gentlemen, some sad news, this particular project is a wrap. The Miata has been sold and a new project is in the wings. We can say that it will be a spiritual successor to our 1993 Miata, with the same goals in mind, but exactly what vehicle, well, I’ll leave that for you to speculate. Whatever happens, we’ll be trying to achieve the fine balance between street and track, all while keeping the WIFE happy. Changes keep happening, but they are all for the better. Until next time!

APR Performance
Gingerman Raceway
Professional Awesome Racing


  1. Massive congrats on upgrading your fiancee and your car! It’s nice watching the car progress from girlfriend’s Miata to wife’s Miata.

  2. Congratulations to you and yours, good sir! Looking forward to seeing what you two decided on, I’m sure it will make for excellent reading material!

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