Project NSX: Part 11 – Installing NSX-R Style Loop Carpet From

We refreshed the interior of our NSX with NSX-R style looped carpet from

It’s pretty crazy to think that the carpet in our NSX is nearly 30 years old.  While it was in decent shape for its age, I have been quite fond of the NSX-R style looped carpet ever since I drove the infamous and mythical Spoon NSX-R GT.  Thankfully, offers this carpet already contoured and molded to the floor pattern of the NSX! We were excited to get this in our car.

Spoon NSX-R GTThe Spoon NSX-R GT is rumored to be one of 5 cars built for homologation purposes to give the NSX an advantage in the Super GT series.  While it was an honor and quite special to drive this car, our Project NSX is going to have far more technology and performance incorporated into it than the NSX-R GT.  But it was important to have at least a similar aura of materials and feel.

Original NSX CarpetThe factory NSX carpet features dense, cut strands, and is very common in the interior of cars.

Factory NSX CarpetThe carpet is greyer in color than the jet-black carpet that we are going to replace it with.

Original NSX CarpetThe factory carpet is clean, but pretty boring in character.

Original NSX CarpetThis will be the last time we see the factory carpet in the car.


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