Project Porsche 987.2 Cayman S: Making Awesome Brakes More Awesome with Stoptech!

To back up the massive front calipers Stoptech set us up with there Aerorotors.  Our particular front rotors are pretty cool.  They are 355x32mm and have a wide annulus.  This means that the friction ring is wide and has a lot of swept area.

The rotor is StopTech’s Aerovane design that uses CFD, or computational fluid dynamic software, to design the internal vane aero to optimize cooling airflow through the rotor. The rotor’s iron alloy has been selected for its coefficient of friction and wear-resisting properties over a wide range of temperatures. The rotor has radial slots on the friction faces to evacuate gas from vaporizing pad material during high-speed applications to improve bite and to have consistent braking at high temperatures.

Alloy mounting hats save several pounds over solid iron rotors.  Like the caliper, the hat has been electroless nickel plated for looks and corrosion resistance.  The rotor is mounted to the hat via floating hardware that allows the rotor to move about 0.012″ back and forth on the hat. By allowing the friction ring part of the rotor to float freely, it will not distort with heat. One-piece iron rotors tend to warp into a cone shape when really hot since the center section acts as a heat sink and causes differential expansion. This can cause uneven pad contact, inconsistent braking force, poor pedal feel and inconsistent wear. Floating the rotor also makes the brake system more forgiving to caliper piston knockback caused by play in the wheel hub’s bearing system. Knockback can cause a long pedal after the wheels experience side loading. The rotor hat also fastens to the rotor on vaned pillars to reduce heat transfer to the wheel hubs and to allow for cooling airflow with some air pumping between the hat and rotor.

Our rear brakes are also huge. They use StopTech’s 4-piston STR-40 caliper with a 335x28mm wide annulus rear rotor.  The rear brakes are also from StopTech’s Trophy catalog with all the same features we discussed with the front calipers such as lightening CNC-milling and an electroless nickel finish.

Like the front caliper, the STR40 has a beefy bridge to ensure stiffness. Note the CNC-pocketing to reduce weight.


  1. Hi – Allan from Denmark here.

    Regarding your “Project Porsche 987.2 Cayman S: Making Awesome Brakes More Awesome with Stoptech!”

    We are planning to mount exact same StopTech brake kits on a Cayman R (987.2 – 2012)

    Could I get you to inform me the exact StopTech type numbers on all parts used for this conversion?

    My supplier of StopTech parts have informed that StopTech only have these two kits for the Cayman 987.2 : Front 83.788.6700.xx / Rear 83.799.0046.xx and these are NOT the same as you have mounted.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Kind regards
    Allan Boegh-Petersen

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