Project Porsche 987.2 Cayman S: Making Awesome Brakes More Awesome with Stoptech!

Howard installs the brackets that convert the stock Porsche ear mounts to Stoptechs radial mounts.  We had already disassembled the knuckle and removed the stock brakes when installing the suspension in our last article.

You can see the bracket here.  Most of the time, we take the OEM dust shields off but on the Porsche, the shield is minimal and is designed more as a heat shield to heep heat out of the tie rod end, the ball joint and the wheel bearings.

The rotor is next placed on the hub.

The 309 brake pads are loaded into the calipers.

The Calipers are torqued in place onto the bracket.

Next the brake lines are installed and the front brakes bled.

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