Project Porsche 987.2 Cayman S: Making Awesome Brakes More Awesome with Stoptech!

Since a Porsche has a lot of the weight on the rear wheels, the rear brakes are more substantial than what you may be used to looking at.

Now the rear brakes are ready to go.  They are pretty impressive looking!

Jeany is pretty pleased with her new brakes.

The Titan 7 wheels easily clear the big Stoptech calipers.

There is more clearance in the rear.

Our project car is looking low, clean and mean!

With our suspension, brakes, wheels, and tires now track-worthy, we are next going to focus our attention on the engine, oiling and cooling system.  We want to extract more power while assuring good lubrication to the bottom end even under higher cornering G’s while keeping it all cool even under hard track conditions.

Once the engine stuff is done, we will then focus on the car’s aero and get some real functional downforce that is going to still be street driveable.



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