Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 12 – Cabin Fever


Tom scouts out the ideal location for the oxygen sensor.

We already had an exterior-facing bung for an oxygen sensor to use on the dyno. But using that for the wide band sensor would’ve meant weird wiring routing. Plus, it’s likely that we would want both a dyno sensor as well as to leave the sensor that the ECU uses when on the dyno. So that meant adding an extra bung.


Tom takes the exhaust into the machine shop to prep for the O2 bung.


Now that’s another big hole.

H works his TIG magic on our bung hole… wait.

You can see both of our oxygen sensor bungs just before the downpipe flange. This is the “proper” location for a single system-wide oxygen sensor. It’s not too close to the turbo and also not too far away. It also is a nice place for the sensor to go under the car.

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