Project SC300 Road Racer: Part 12 – Cabin Fever


All wrapped up and ready to go.

The dashboard is now all wired up. We had covered the kill switch circuit a little bit in a previous segment, and you can see here that we have two connectors on the back-side of the dash. One is the lights control and steering column motors. The other is the kill switch circuit.

If you recall, the kill switch circuit was annoyingly complicated. You saw in that previous segment what the circuit design looked like, but what about the harness design?


Here’s the actual harness design. The previous segment just showed the circuit design.

Again, paper and pen to the rescue here. We drew each of the DPDT switches and then figured out that a 4-pin DTM connector was all we needed for the kill switch sub-harness on the back of the dashboard.

All of the little triangles are grounds that are effectively spliced together and connected to pin 4 on the DTM, and the other side of that goes back through the cabin harness to reach the centralized ground location. The other paths for power to complete the solenoid/contactor circuit or to ground the Racepak pin 20 are all shown here. Everything to the left of the dots (1,2,3,4 cowl,20,sol,GND) is what ends up being the sub-harness. The “right” is what’s on the main cabin harness.


Here’s the Cadonix Arcadia design diagram for the kill sub-harness again for reference.

It was finally time to start inserting pins into the Racepak connectors!

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